Strange ratings in my apps

Hi everyone, I’ve noticed that two of my apps get strange ratings.
Normally, both apps are hardly to get 10 ratings each day, but in the last 3 days it get more than 25+ ratings each days,
and today I get 3-5 ratings every hours. The weirdest thing is there is no any new reviews in these 3 days.
I’m pretty sure that my apps didn’t suddenly popular because the daily downloads and ad impressions are still same as weeks ago.

Is it possible that my apps are under attack?
I didn’t see the point of this attacking, the new ratings are seem very natural, it spread well from 1-5 stars.
(however, the average ratings drop 0.01 today)
Should I report to Google?

edit : It’s getting worse, the last hour I get 12 ratings without any reviews :frowning:

(I think I post in wrong section, david, could you please move it the the right section? thanks)

yes you are under attack. There are $5 gigs on fiver which can send ratings to any app. or someone can create multiple google accounts just to destroy the competition by giving them fraud ratings.

What are your apps?

Why would the attacker spread the ratings from 1-5 stars, though? Instead of just 1-star every time?

bcoz the people who offer fiver gigs don’t offer 1 star gigs as they stand a chance to loose all their accounts in the process of earning just $4. To verify, go and try buying a fiver gig for android ratings, you will understand what I am trying to say.

So what is the purpose of this attacker? If he want me to get banned, he should make every ratings look obviously fraud ratings.

The apps are game and widget.

i am seeing the same with my apps but unfortunately for me all ratings are 1 star and no reviews. almost 3 of my apps are suffering from this and most popular.BUT I think it is google server error. because those one star rating were going and coming. it came yesterday disappeared today morning and once again back at noon

today my apps also are flooded with unusually large number of votes and it is mostly bad (and again - no comments)…as appearing on the series… now 10-15 votes, after 1-2 hours 10-15 etc.

Almost 100 ratings were removed 1 hour ago and no new ratings anymore, I guess that those accounts were ban already.
I’m afraid that this incident will make my account in bad standing.

I think that Google removed those 1 star ratings and the attacker started attacking again.

I believe those ratings will be removed very soon like me.

if you see a lot of bad ratings without comments then it is 100% fiver gigs work. For $5 20-30 ratings are available. Not other service I know of provides such kind of service (ratings related)

yeah some rating without any review and suddenly gone

yes,most of today’s ratings disappeared