Strange PopUp during testing

I currently work on one of my games, using eclipse to test the app and suddenly I got a pop-up on the screen (looks like a toast) with “win a galaxy s5” from

This is surelynot from me - except admob is now using such stuff??? - Anyone knows where this comes from? It cannot be in my code, cause I started from the source - so I really wonder how that could happen

Anyone an idea?

I wouldn’t rule out that its from Admob, it could be a dodgy advertiser that has exploited something. Given that, its still very unlikely to be Admob.

Anything unusual in the Manifest?

Not really, I did implement IAP in this build, I used the helper classes as well and checked the src and generated sources for anything but it’s all clean, nothing unusual … it also did never happen again, at the time this happens, an amazon icon was displayed in the ad area and I don’t think amazon uses such things :slight_smile:

There was no hint about what opened that dialog, so maybe it’s a system alert some other installed app has used (we know it’s possible, startapp does it as well)… not sure about it. I also have a testgame with startapp installed, maybe it has something to do with it - i don’t know :slight_smile:

It actually just happened ONCE and since then never again. Maybe someone else stumbles upon that and have a hint about it