Strange policy mails from admob

Today I received emails from admob mentioning that my two android apps were in policy violation due to sexual content. I was quite surprised as these are simple utility apps only using admob network and there was nothing sexual about them. Surprisingly after couple of hours, I again received emails mentioning 'Thank you for making required changes and ad serving is now enabled". I did not make any changes in fact there were not any violations of sexual nature in first place.

I have only used admob in my apps and have religiously followed all the policies but still getting such mails is bit scary. Has anyone received such emails?

I receive the same email. Scare me until unable to believe why this is happening to me. I have follow all the guidelines carefully and didn’t do anything that trigger the alert. The 2nd email is a relief for me but Admob ads still not showing after 7 hours of delay. Hopefully it will go back to normal and start serving ads again. God bless.

So far only one app affected. I noticed that the email sender come from Adsense. I am not sure whether it is cause by Adsense policy or something because I delete my adsense account last month. I read somewhere saying that Adsense + Admob will cause misleading policy issue and getting banned. Furthermore, my adsense is a bit inactive too. So, I delete it to be safe.

I haven’t had any e-mails like this. If it gets to the point where Google bans apps over errors from its own Admob network, then we are all screwed.

Hopefully this was just some bot-related glitch that you experienced…

Me too, the first one is about sexual policy violation and the second is “thank you for making changes…”. Really scare…

Are you able to see the ads in reported app? or still disabled?

This is why I never setup my links for admob, I just make new apps using manual method but I never update the links with them, this is probably why my admob is still alive after having 7 gplay accounts banned using admob from one account.

Yes. My Admob ads are showing up normally now.