Strange Admob behaviour

Hey guys, I recently released update of my app which contained 6 more interstitials in different parts of my app, if user is engaged long enough. Before that, I just had one in menu, which behaved normally as far as I can tell( average iRPM 4, fill rate 99 - which fitted request/ impression ratio).these new interstitials at three days in shows 5000 requests and 300 impressions but fill rate 100! their iRPM is only 1.3 and since I added the update my iRPM is also lower on menu interstitial.
I thought this can be somehow wrong code(calling too much ads but showing little ) but it doesnt look that way.
also, could this drag down my iRPM or is it just an admob jump?
thanks a lot

If you show more ads (for the same amount of user use of your app) - you may get slightly more revenue in total - BUT there is BOUND to be a reduction in eCPM. Why ? Because each new ad you show is a COMPETITOR of your existing ads. So the ad shown in Menu was a rarely shown ad. But with other ads shown it is likely that user may be tired of ads or may have already clicked one out of curiousity - so is less inclined to click on another ad.

This is expected behavior.

You’re only allowed to show 5 Admob interstitials per session, so I would remove one if I were you.

If you are showing too many ads your RPM will decrease, because users will be clicking on them less. You need to find a balance.

Also, if you load all your interstitials and show them at later dates you might not show all of them to each user before they leave the app. This will then give you less impressions than requests, even if the ad was loaded fine (high fill-rate is only relative to requests, not impressions).

Thanks for answers guys!

Huh? Where did you read this?

Here’s a thread about it: AdMob Interstitials: 5 units per user session limit - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that!