StorySmash! The game where you mess up some of the most classical fairy tales


Take a look at my app! Give it a review and tell me in the thread or by message and I’ll give a review for your app as well. If you post a comment on my app I will post a comment on yours! Just give me your app URL.

Put your own outrageous twist on some of the most classical fairy tales with StorySmash!
Pick the weirdest and funniest words you can think of and smash them into a variety of fairy tale classics! Write your own hilarious words or choose from a randomized list - then watch the magic happen! StorySmash lets you rediscover the most classical fairy tales of all time, like Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, with YOUR insane twists.


I downloaded your app, rated, commented, pressed g+ and launched it on my phone as Juvas Cheev.
Will keep it for 15 days.
Please do the same!

P.S. If anyone else would like a review exchange please PM me!:slight_smile:

I did the same for you!