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State sales tax

What do other states charge for vehicle sales tax? Here in South Dakota, it’s 4%. Apparently a few states don’t charge any sales tax on new vehicles.

That’s not so bad.

I live in California, and here the sales taxes are different for each county in California, ranging from 6% to 10.5% in Los Angeles County, and some cities within counties may have additional temporary or permanent additional percentages. Hayward, San Leandro, Alameda, Union City, Newark, and other cities had sales taxes of 10.75% in 2021. These are also the areas where the highest earners congregate, and they want more government services. But I want to share that as time went on, I started using a campaign that helped me save on taxes and create a check stub maker program, it saved me time and budget, so I only paid a couple of dozen dollars, and the platform generated a bill for me in seconds.

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