Starting an ecommerce store

Plan your project wisely
Building begins with reflecting on the information and ideas you have and what your goals are before you can start writing code and designing your ecommerce store.

By planning your project carefully you can have a clearer picture of the business strategy, products, metrics, expenses, and sales projections. But where do you begin? We’re here to help — just follow these steps to get started:

Define the target market
The starting point when planning to build an ecommerce store is defining your target market or audience. You should be well aware of your potential customers so that you can design your website to encourage them to purchase what you are offering.

First of all, develop buyer personas that represent your target customers. Begin with demographics: define their age, gender, location, and other characteristics. Then analyze their behavior patterns, core drives, and goals. What should motivate them to buy your products? What are their biggest challenges? This type of clarity will help you plan your website design and structure and will be useful for the marketing campaign.
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