Startapp's InAppPlus SDK doesn't make sense to me?

I saw a lot of people recommending startapp because of the high revenue. I thought it gave high revenue because of the search box and browser thing (the ppd)?, but that is no longer possible after the policy changes. So what they did was release a new SDK, “InAppPlus”, right?

But, in this post, they’re also saying:

Any developer who wishes to integrate our InAppPlus SDK should note that InAppPlus will only be available until July 31st, 2014. After July 31st, we will be suspending our pay-per-download model.

So, is startapp still a good network to use? Doesn’t seem worth integrating it, if the only thing making good money will end soon after integrating it anyways.
And there’s also the fact that one must integrate a slider, splash, and fullpage ad for at least 30 days in order to get this SDK, which is just stupid considering this sdk will be suspended in 30ish days anyways.

Am I missing out on something here, because people still seem to support startapp from what I’ve seen?