startappinterstitial upon exit.Does it violates google policies.

i am using just a webview in my app and i want to show startapp interstitial ads, and using onresume() to call is not showing in this case,
but when i call it in onbackpressed(), it is showing the ads when the user exits the app by pressing back button.
i Want to ask if this violates google policies or not?
can i use this method to show ads?
thanks in advance.

All ads have to appear within the app.
Its best to separately control the ad and exit if the app, so that you can make sure the ad doesn’t appear after the app’s closed.

Exit Ads are ok, been using them for over a year now with no problems, I even have one popup when user hits set live wallpaper.

And yeah startapp SDK seems a little buggy showing ads and wont show unless you use the onbackpress.showad(); method, so I have to use that same method myself to show the ad on launch, the regular showed(); method seems to be broken at the moment.

But I only use Startapp for exit ads only and hitting over $3.00 ecpm rates on my appwalls. I use Mobvista or airpush for entry ads, and I run banners from both ad networks. I will have 4 banners on launch hovering around go to lwp’s button with appwall. Never got any suspensions from ad policy violation doing it this way.