[StartApp] Suspended due to startapp interstitials

Just wanted to share my story in case it is happening to other users, and it may help to track down the real problem.

I have a game which was published to alpha testing in the play store.
I used the StartApp in app sdk and only used interstitial ads in two places, between game levels and when exiting. The exit ad was displayed before the app exited and I don’t believe exit ads are in violation anyway so that is not the problem.

The initial email stated:

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the System Interference provision of the Content Policy.

With no explanation or information.

I appealed and they responded with the regular ‘no, you’re an idiot’ email but they changed the reason to:

[b]REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the Ad Policy.

After a regular review, we have determined that your app contains ads that impersonate system notifications, warnings, or functionality. This violates the Ad Policy. Please refer to the ad context policy help article for more information. [/b]

I have viewed many of the startapp interstitial ads but have only come across one that could be seen as impersonation, it was an app wall which looked similar to the play store (colors and star ratings etc…).

If you are using StartApp interstitials, you may want to turn them off until they have sorted it out, otherwise you risk suspension.

You’d think this would warrant a warning rather than an app suspension and it seems pretty ridiculous as there is NO possible way to protect yourself against this…


Some spammy advertisers sneaked his shitty ads creatives. Battery boosters and antivirus impersonate the system dialogs.

Have u contacted StartApp support. BTW no on can get that app back for u.

Yes, informed startapp.
This basically makes it impossible to trust any ad supplier except for admob but they’re the worst people in the universe, it’s like selling your soul.
I have no idea how to proceed now…

I also had 2 banned apps because of startapp last time… But i got sth like ‘because of strike policy’ or whatever…