StartApp Splash $139.36 eCPM

Today I saw 139.36 eCPM of my Splash ad at StartApp. How many of you are seeing this? :smiley:

Its ok dear. For 11 impressions if u get 1-2 installs, they boost the ecpm to give you that $1-2 from CPI earnings.
Every network does like that be it applovin, chartboost, appnext etc.

IF you new and little impressions they have high ecpm at start.
Then come to $0.5-$2 for ecerybody

Don’t worry. It will reduce very soon :smiley:

Just bug :smiley:

Thats just because the low impressions, when they start to rise the eCPM will fall. Its because you got a couple of clicks with a few impressions.

not realy

Formula for eCPM
(1000/total impression) * revenue = eCPM
(1000/11) * 1.53 = 136.**

the report of eCPM is not very effective with small impression.