startapp removing ppc, whats the point?

I don’t see any reason to stick with startapp now that they are phasing out ppd and will only be offering in app revenue after july. I guess some of their interstitials are clever and cool looking but in reality I imagine admob probably pays better than anyone else as far as legitimate in app ads.

Has anyone compared startapp to admob ecpm? Is admob #1 for ecpm? I’m seriously considering switching. Its such a pain but I feel like startapp is screwing their developers and if I go with admob I won’t be forced to update all of my apps every time google changes a policy!!!


I am getting over $2.50 ecpm rates on StartApp Appwall ads, sure beats admobs 85 cent ecpm rates and their crappy 22 cent rates on banner ads.

Hey @fourtwozero,

As always, we appreciate any feedback, but to say that “we are screwing our developers” could not be farther from reality.

We are doing the complete opposite!

First, Google took required user opt-in - we were the first to introduce this + kept paying PPD
Second, they took our search icon - we still kept the PPD model
Now, they took bookmark and homepage and we still keep paying the same rates of PPD!

We have done everything in our power to keep you earning, and let you enjoy PPD (a model we introduced to Android, by the way) as long as possible.

About our performance on Android, better to ask around and see what people write in past threads. As you can see, DroidGenie has some great numbers, and we have many developers earning these kind of numbers even with 100’s of thousands of daily impressions. With higher rates of US traffic, the eCPM can easily sore to $5+.

On the flip side, you will see developers who have not-as-great results. So you should check how our unique ads are working in your app before making a decision.

The sweet thing is, that now with the PPD offer, you can generate great eCPM + a PPD for each and every download (no EULA, max download numbers!).

Hope this conveys where we’re coming from and what our goals are.

Onward and Upward.


I want to have PPD when I integrating all splash, Slider, inapp or one of all?

only one out of them but use inplus sdk. Now there is a radio button to choose either of in-app or in-app plus. So in-app plus sdk has everything in in-app sdk with extra code to track PPD installs. So why not?

Even tho I don’t really good a good eCPM due my traffic source but you guys are so far the best ad network I worked with … and yea about the PPD its not without EULA so its at least 30% more downloads and PPD payouts.