StartApp provides 'virus' ads

Hi guys,

do you experience ads from StartApp, that display information about virus in user’s device? The ad is misleading and threaths user that he has virus in the system. It is even worse after click - user is redirected to the page where multiple subpages pops up and user cannot close them easily :confused:

Does anyone see the same in your apps? Is there any way to filter that kind of ads in StartApp?


I’ve never seen that kind of publicity that you comment in StartApp. Are you sure that is StartApp? :confused:

Yes, I’m sure. I can do the screenshot next time when I see it. There is an info about ad network in the bottom corner.

Yes, it is well know ad… Startapp has it and it’s very often for me… I got comments “It’s a virus”, because this ad say such… I hate this ad, but Startapp doesn’t want to remove it

I know that there are StartApp representatives on this forum. Guys, could anyone of you give your feedback in this topic?

Why do you let display such ads for so long? This makes bad experience to our users and results in bad reviews in Google Play and our complains about StartApp :frowning:

i received new ads when i click, it open “multiple subpages”
View image: Screenshot 2016 05 15 13 10 17

and chrome blocked it and say it’s suspected website ?

i received another ad to install apk from other website
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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your patience.

We identified the advertiser who was running these types of campaigns and stopped the campaigns immediately. If you come across any other ads or landing pages like this in the future, please take a screenshot (if possible) and notify [email protected]. This will help us immediately catch any advertiser or advertisements that slip through the cracks and go against our ads policies.

Again, thank you for your patience. If you have any additional questions about this issue, please email [email protected].