StartApp && Proguard

I met an annoying problem.
I discovered that many times the StartApp EULA would appear, but with the two buttons Decline/Accept unclickable.
What’s worse, the app is unresponsive and there’s no way to exit from there, either with home or back button. Well a way there is but most users would not be able to do it.
It’s really annoying, the average user would have no other way to exit but turn off the phone, and then delete the app.
I THINK I have found that it happens many times (not always) when Proguard is enabled.

Anyone had my same problem?

(BTW: StartApp, you should not disable back and home, let the user exit from the app, at least, then you’ll prompt again the EULA next time)

Hi Beppi,

Thanks for bringing this up, I’ve sent this to our dev team for feedback.


As I remember - Startapp works for me with proguard… Meybe it depends which SDK version it is…

I suppose that it’s my fault, as I did not think that the SDK needed an additional configuration in Proguard, and I did not configure it. I will check soon.

Everything is fine, that’s my fault

I have the same issue, EULA comes but its not clickable (accept or decline). Before I wasnt using proguard but when I enable proguard, EULA didnt work properly. I lost many users in 2-3 days and now I’m not sure that it will work even if I remove proguard. Can you tell me your solution?