Startapp post call manager gone

I was just looking at the startapp site and noticed that integrating post call manager is no longer an option. Whats up with that? I also see a removal process for it in their help documents but I don’t see any reason given for why they removed it.

I have a LOT of apps with post call manager integrated. Should I be worried? Maybe I just didn’t search their site enough but I don’t see anything warning developers that they need to remove it or face possible google account ban.

Anyone else?

Loads of developer’s apps got banned for using it, so StartApp removed it from the SDKs. Anything out-of-app is a big risk.

And they didnt make any kind of official announcement or email developers? That is ridiculous! PAIN IN THE A**

They did send an email on Nov 24th, “Urgent Update about Post Call Manager Compliance” with removal info etc, and it was in the dashboard too I think

Hey Fourtwozero,

There were some issues with apps receiving warnings about violations of policy that may have been related to the PCM SDK.

We didn’t want to take chances and emailed all our developer, on November 24th, to remove the SDK.

There are still developers who are running it since.

Sorry if you didn’t receive that email, you can contact our support to figure out why.

Like I said, there are still a few hundred developers running this, that were not removed, so it’s your call. We have stopped offering this product to our devs.


Ok, thanks for the reply. I guess I didnt see the email.