StartApp intrusive adware?

Hi guys, I integrated Startapp in my app and some antivirus like Avira, AVG and Avast are detecting my app as an intrusive adware…

Can you help me :confused:

Make sure you’re using their most up-to-date SDK. Some Anti-virus apps give false alerts for certain ad networks based on old ad types which are no longer allowed on the bigger app markets.

Thanks A1ka1inE, but I’m using their last version… There is difference between StartApp SDK and StartApp Plus SDK?

What would be a recommendable number of ads in an app?

This was the report on startApp 2 months ago by Virus Total Plus its shows 15 major anti-virus companies consider StartApp a virus but smaller anti-virus does not. So StartApp was able to circumvent smaller companies but got caught by larger companies. I am sure StartApp will make more updates in the future to avoid all detection so users don’t comment about adware.

Full Report Here

Try using their latest version : StartApp InApp Plus SDK 2.3.6 . Seems no longer having a problem with AVG malware detection on my apps.