StartApp Ecpm is 406$ !!!!!!

I checked my account on Startapp
The Ecpm is 406.00$ !!!
The Revenue is 1.6$ from 4 Impressions…wow.jpg

haha, you must get familiar with this soon :stuck_out_tongue:

The Ecpm is 406.00$ !!!
WTF ???, how to have it???

How’s that possible? Cud u share a screenshot?

hello dude,
startapp pay you when someone install the advertise app.
Within 4 impressions you have get an install from usa,uk or some top country.
That was why u have 406$ cpm.
Increase your traffice and this cpm came at upto 1-2$

I really don’t know how :smiley:

There is a photo attached

Thanks for eplanation :slight_smile: