startapp causes ban?

Yeah I spent all last night removing StartApp from ALL of my apps, I don’t want to get the ban hammer thrown at me.
Thanks StartApp, you did give me a decent CPM whilst it lasted. Just a shame that It will not continue.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I have a question. In e-mail you told us that your new SDK comply with Android Ads ID requirement. But from which SDK .jar? 2.3.5 or earlier, from 2.3.4? I have some apps with 2.3.4 and I don’t know if I should update them also

Dear Friends don’t use StartApp SDK. I was using it for 3 years but now they are unable to develop SDK 100% compliant to Google Play Content Policy.
Their Interstitial ad in not showing close sign(cross symbol) in HTC Desire U.

Hey all. I know this is a rather old thread but this just bugged me. Never used Startapp but heard some good things and decided to use banner AND exit ads to most of my apps. Spent the last couple of hours doing so and then i seen this lol. So has it been 100% confirmed that exit ads are against googles policies? Really don’t wanna deal with getting banned:(

Exits ads are compliant with gp policy, but they need to be displayed right after user touch exit button (before app is closed).

Hey MilesP,

After we started hearing that developers were having problems with the Exit Ads, we got in touch with Google and determined what was being flagged and changed our Exit ad immediately. It is now 100% compliant with all of the recent Google policies, and we have not had any reports of developers being banned because of this ad type since we made this change.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please let me know!


Startapp, you don’t understand a problem. It’s not current SDK and Exit Ads. Problem is you, I had couple apps banned because of you but one year ago, after updated policy and banned pushes/browser ads, you released new SDK and again couple people here got ban because you. I am not using startapp for 1 year, but observing ad networks and this forum. Always the same, “we are sorry”, “we fixed”, etc. Developers have your “sorry” and “fix” deeply in ass when account is banned. Google will not republish their apps again! It’s impossible even for bigger brands because google is not responding to any emails.

Start making good SDKs before new policy is live, google is giving usualy one month to update apps or go to the hell. Other networks like Airpush, Mobilcore, Appnext and Mobvista can update their SDK’s and there isn’t any problem ever with bans. All bans notifications on this forum are startapp and some mobario scam oO

Ok well thanks for the reply guys but after further research and talking to others who were banned ive decided to not even take the risk with exit adds and even their sliders which i liked alot but i heard that the search bar can get you banned as well, smh @ google but oh well not gonna take the risk :confused::mad:

NO ONE can get in touch with GOOGLE, they don’t respond to people.

I just got few bans… Mostly for displaying ads out of app. Unfortunately I used only Startapp, Appflood and Minimob. I displayed ad on the exit of the app and I think that this is the case… Anyone got banned today?