StartApp Banner mediation through AdMob

Is anyone succeeded to make CustomBannerEvent for StartApp Banners? I asked their support and they sad that they don’t have AdListener for banners, so it’s a difficult to make one without it. :frowning: I managed to show one, but it isn’t working properly. Does anyone know if it’s even possible?

I managed to show banner, but it’s not always showing, due to lack of listiner. It can’t be set as primary banner ad network, because you can’t know if banner filed to recieive and then you can’t show other banner, it can only be set as your last alternative. If anyone knows how to check if banner is loaded, I woluld be most grateful.

Hello djuramutavi894,

I’m also working in this StartApp adapter both for mopub and admob. Would you mind sharing your adapter? I would like to check what I am doing wrong as I can’t even a banner.

Thanks in advance.