Startapp and Airpush - Where is your new SDK and Strategy?

Its been almost 10 days now since google updated their policies and all we hear is we are going to come out with new SDKs and ad formats.

However, there is no clear update on what’s going to happen. If the new SDK doesn’t come out before end of this week, those who have used these 2 networks heavily are in for a overnight code mayhem. I have to upload loads of my apps and don’t really want to use their current in-app SDKs which are flagged anyway.

Startapp and Airpush, please tell us by when are you going to release the new SDKs, Ad format. Give us some estimate

I also have to update my app today, sad to say I’ll be leaving startapp for now, since they haven’t come up with anything so far.

StartApp are still going to have PPD, but at a lower rate. If you also use their in-app ads you get a higher ppd rate. Expect the release on the 12th.

Hi All,

Believe us, we understand the urgency here. But what leads us is releasing a proper, working SDK, rather than releasing an SDK that is packed with bugs or quirky restrictions…

We understand there are a lot of you with many apps, and it will take time to update all of your inventory.

Currently there’s still plenty of time, and we are working round the clock to make sure what we offer works well.

Also, not sure why you think our in-app SDK is flagged, it is 100% not. This one is ready to go and you can pick that up today.

Updates will come, but unfortunately, nothing will be ready for release by the end of this week.

Thanks for the patience everyone!


Hey Guys,

As some of you know, we’re releasing a new ad unit which has been in the works for months which we’re extremely excited about. It has major implications for developer revenue and performance and we’re working as quickly as possibly to bring this new product to market for developers. It should be released shortly. I encourage you all to sign up and participate in this beta to see first hand how revolutionary this ad unit will be.

Beta Test Registration | Airpush

Please remember:

Our Smartwall and in app banners are fully complaint with Google’s new policy. Both these in app units are performing great and developers are seeing CPM ranging from $2-3.

More exciting and innovative products to come from Airpush! Stay tuned for more info…

Thanks Guys,

Hi, could you confirm that use the SmartWall in the app exit (onDestroy()…), is compliant?


okay so we should expect airpush to come nearly :smiley:
i hope next week all of my apps is Airpush-Ready :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil and Ariel for responding. So it looks like by 12th we should have something ready from both of you.

Phil, I believe your dialogue ads do not comply with the new policy as it shows app type notifications. They infact showing your ads as example :slight_smile: Check out the new policy page on google play.

Also, as someone else asked, can we use smartwall on exit? Since your smartwall takes a while to load, will this be an issue since most of your smartwall ads would only load after the user exits the app.

Lets us know the alternative if this is not good.

i have the same problem. i never use Airpush smartwall on exit. Airpush should really do something for this.

Just curious what did you mean by this? I use their smartwall and dialogue ads as well so I am bit concerned when you brought this up… thought their all their units in smartwall were compliant including dialogue ads???

Thanks in advance

If you are using their smartwall with alert ads, dating ads, play store ads then aren’t you getting bad reviews about the app taking user directly yo play store.

Not sure about you guys but no dev console update for today from startapp. Got nothing but zeros.

i got update for download, but not for the impression

See this: Ads | Android Developers

Scroll down to Impersonation of System UI and Adwalls and Interstitial Ads section.

See the 2 ads shows are exactly like airpush dialogue ads. These are 100% banned. They should remove it but rather they are telling us that its compatible.

Also, smartwall loads after a few seconds on exit. they dont have any solution for preloading the ads.

If you want to play safe, just disable dialogue ads from edit app section. You can go to smartwall and untick dialogue ads.

Phil, are you aware of this issue? Please comment

That page makes it abundantly clear that it only applies for dialog ads that attempt to impersonate a system dialog, or the UI of another app.

Essentially, if your advertisement is trying to look like something that isn’t an advertisement, then it violates the policy. Otherwise, if it makes it perfectly clear that it’s just an ad, and gives the user the option to skip it, then it’s fine.

Of course, I can’t guarantee that I have read Google’s rules correctly, but that’s the only possible interpretation I can see there. In fact, in the next example ‘Adwalls and Interstitial Ads’, Google uses an out-of-app dialog ad as a what-not-to-do example, and they state that the reason it violates the policy because it’s being shown outside the app, and not because it’s out-of-app AND a dialog ad.

Startapp has released its new SDK. In-App + Search Box looks good to me. I have updated one of my app. Will let you guys know the stats after a day!

Startapp Rocks!! :slight_smile:

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