Star Application - ecpm up to $105, is this truly?

I’m new on android development and advertising. I was looking an advertising network to use in my app and I found Star Application. Star application’s facebook page says that offers an ecpm of $105.
Is it a kind of magic? One dream? One soul? One prize? One goal?
So, can anyone confirm this? Or give some experience with it?

Its just the twisted way that they calculated their ad unit’s performance, in its absolute best case scenario. No network can deliver rates on that scale.
Divide by ten and you’re looking at the best possible rates on mobile.


developers die for 5 ecpm…
also dont use them until someone who has used them tell u to do so

One shot, One opportunity, to have everything you’ve ever wanted. One moment.
Would you capture it?
Or just let it sleep?


know this?:>

1 impression 1 click 1 install will give you $105 but as number of impressions without installs increase, cpm will fall down.

Because you’re new I will tell you what I tell everyone new here … use admob , startapp,appnext and mobilecore maybe airpush.
anything else you have to ask allot about it around here and until more than 4 ppl tell you to use that ad network don’t use them.

I see, so these high ecpm is just on best of best scenarios.

I will take your advice.

Yes, I know, it’s Eminem’s music :slight_smile:

Well, then isn’t pure ecpm but pay per install. Sweet ilusion, bad reality hehehe

Ok I will use one these, I think so that this is the better way for me.

Thanks to all