Special offer - $2 CPM for all GEOs - guaranteed

Hello developers,

As part of a special one month offer, we are happy to guarantee you a $2 CPM payout for GEOs, if you have over 10K impressions a day. Any developer will be graunted this offer if he integrates our solution during the next 30 days. In case you have several apps – you need only the total impressions from all your apps to reach 10K a day.

Our solution, a dynamic interstitial that provides the user multiple offers to choose from, is generates high revenues across (almost) all countries, and we are certain that if you are lacking proper monetization in the international level - we can adress that.

Offer expires on September 15th.

Let me know if you need my help with this offer. See registration link here:
appnext Mobile Advertising for App Developers and Advertisers

Cheers and talk soon, hopefully about your monetization needs!


I’ve been looking at the site and it seems you are primarily for games and not apps…
You only have game categories to choose from when adding an app, only game-relative placements and all the videos and documents refer to games.

Could you clear that up for me?

Our advertisers are only coming from the game industry. However, our publishers are both games and apps. As for the categories, you can choose all of them. We will make sure the categories change to reflect other options as well.
At any case, we optimize the campaigns you will show 24/7, so these options are not super important.

I am more concerned about what happens after 1 month.

How long the offer lasts and do you have Unity3D support ?

I can only say that for appnext - we are seeing much higher eCPMs with our publisher, which is the reason we have no problem offering a minimum guarantee. The fact that we use a dynamic interstitial and that we have a lot of international offers helps us get these high CPMs

offer lasts 30 days, from the moment you launch, as you long as you do until the 15th of September.
And yes - we support Unity.