Spam free forum with less ads

I don’t think David will ever fix the forum because he is out of mobile apps industry.

I would recommend joining How To Make Mobile Games

It’s run by a person named Martin who himself runs mobile games business and forum is quite clean. Request all of you who share info and ask questions, let us move to that forum. There is not much left in MMWA.

I m not the marketing guy of HTMMG but seriously MMWA is so spammy that better alternative is needed where lot of real people post the content and not bots lol.

“FORUM WITH LESS ADS”. lol. the whole left 20% of the website is one big ad. Seems like it’s just games and not app.s

Oh, I meant the ads that we see here inside baseless posts like movies sports etc

You generally learn pretty quickly to separate the “ads” from the posts and people that are actually here to share knowledge or learn something. But some house cleaning would be MUCH appreciated!

[QUOTE=There is not much left in MMWA.[/QUOTE]

How sad is that to read and agree with???