something odd happening with leadbolt

So i have been moving traffic away from leadbolt because it has been nose diving in revenue for me. Went from 5 cents per click to less than 1 cent per click.

I have moved 2 of the main apps out of 8 that made the most money for me on leadbolt. But i have noticed that after a week the revenue hasn’t moved from the low point it got to. The impressions have gone down nearly in half but its still making almost the same amount. There are less clicks but miraculously the cost per click has almost doubled.

This is starting to make me realize i might have been right when i said that there seems to be a weird balancing act going on with them. Its like they start off high for cost per click to get you to put more apps on. But then you notice that you have gone from 5 cents a click to less than 1 cent a click as you drive more and more traffic. You push 5 times the traffic but you are still only making what you did prior to the cost per click falling off a cliff and approaching zero.

Maybe its just me but it seems a bit strange. As if they designed their system to serve lower and lower revenue ads as you drive more and more traffic.

Has anyone else ever seen this happen. I mean i have numbers to back it up epcm was hovering between $1.00 and $0.89 . Now it is rising to an average of $2.31 .

Here is the eCPM on Leadbolt HTML AppWall for the last 7 days:

$0.02 (yes got nearly ZERO revenue this day - really indicates that Leadbolt ad inventory running low - that ebb and flow of advertisers has such huge effect)

So eCPM varies all over the place (some 1-2 months ago was more stable - or closer to when I started using Leadbolt - according to your theory ?).

The eCPM over 60 days also is all over the place - but the trend/average is going down. That is, it varied earlier also - but lately the highs are not as high and the lows are low (one day with nearly zero revenue above !). This directly affects revenue - as the average eCPM over a 7 day period (say) going down …

Looking at the EPC (earning per click):

Last 7 days:

The Revenue/Click (EPC) = $0.017

Last 30 days:

The Revenue/Click (EPC) = $0.0212

Last 60 days:

The Revenue/Click (EPC) = $0.025

So you can see the revenue per click (EPC) is going down.

The question is - are new developers using Leadbolt seeing the same variation ?

My general impression is that Leadbolt has been going down since last 1 month or so - i.e. losing advertisers or whatever - as I stated earler, Taiwan used to figure in the country stats - but don’t see it in the top 6 countries - could be that they have lost some advertisers from Asia ? Or advertisers in general …

Perhaps it is related to the new Airpush SmartWall launch - with some suggesting Airpush has a better asian partner list …

i have quite similar experience. 2 years ago leadbolt was the best ad network, i used to earn $2000+ per month with 5 regular apps. now im making $15 per day with the same amount of apps

I am not completely throwing out the idea it was a coincidence but i don’t see the variation in numbers you are seeing. mine either went up or way down. Could have been just as i was loading it up with traffic it was going down further and further and when i removed traffic it started back up.

Removed more traffic yesterday and it went up nearly 12%.

Just very odd.

Damn that sucks. I couldn’t let my apps die a slow horrible low revenue death. I had to move them. But i also gave the users a reason to upgrade with a bit more content or added feature.

Lowering impressions generally increases ecpm. Think about it like a user… Are you more likely to click an ad that you have already seen many times, or something new. I also see lots of variation in leadbolt revenue without changing anything, but not as varied as adforandroidapps.