someone help me about these errors !

hey everyone
i saw some few bucky’s tutorials about " Android Development For Beginners " ,
Then i was trying to install Android Studio & java jdk
after that , i installed java and put it in my PC Address as bucky said in his videos to let my pc know java jdk ,
Then , i installed Android studio and after i Run it i saw some errors during the " Downloading Components "
as i took a ScreenShot from error here is it :
i clicked on Retry 3 times and each time i got this error again & again !
So it was shown that i couldn’t download 2 SDK Files , WHY ? This is why i’m here :confused:
So i decided to choose Cancel
then i saw this :
so i clicked on Finish and suddenly i went to this page and saw that everything was ok and i could making a new project
but when i clicked on " Make a new Android Studio Project " i saw this error :

Now can someone tell me plz what should i do ?
What the hell are these errors ? how can i fix them ?
Thank u plz :X