Some New ad networks

Everyone is talking about admob, startapp and so on, are there any new-coming and good revenue ad networks?

how about Mobvista? And I saw Minimob ad in front page.

Hello @LoveWYC, if you want to have a look on something new in the area, have a look at Pollfish. Pollfish monetize mobile apps by delivering surveys instead of ads! Just have a look at Pollfish demo app to see how a survey will render though your app with minimal intrusion and high payouts!

I like to consider my company to be a network beyond banners - hope you can check us out. I built this company to drive meaningful revenue for app developers like yourself and not continuously monetize by having ppl exit through ads. To me, this has always been a backwards model and not a way to grow your existing user base.

We’re a CPC network that showcases products through an in-app listings. Connecting your fans with merchant products through a beautiful experience. Never leaving your application.

On average we increase advertising revenue by 30% because you keep all your existing banner revenue.

Please feel free to check out our site: and msg me on skype with any questions!

Username: mr1elee

Wonny Lee

Check out a live demo in uSound Ares

It’s the shopping cart icon at the top nav.

We are not that new really (2 years old) and are currently serving over 1.3 million ads a day into our partner sites, about 40% of this is mobile.

FORUMCAST specializes in CPM banner advertising for forums and online communities, but we also might be able to supply you with ads too if you have the traffic.

We are an AdX Seller, so we will connect you to the largest source of CPM & CPC advertising on the internet, and we actively sell our partner sites on Doubleclick AdX.

We also provide our partner sites with free value added services like placement advice and best practices, integration with Google DFP, and share knowledge between our partners so everyone benefits. We offer the highest publisher share in the industry.

You can use FORUMCAST with your existing ad networks and even Adsense too if you want.

I can be reached through here, or via the contact form on FORUMCAST - monetize your forum


FORUMCAST - The Ad Network For Forums

I’m wondering why anyone would search specifically for a new coming ad network, when the % of being scammed and have problems with GP/AppStore highly increase because of their lack of experience.

yes, incentmobi is also an ad network with high revenue. It is fast-growing. we pay $40-$60 for every 1000 new intstalls. the revenue is 3 times higher than traditional ad networks. and the payment is on weekly basis.

I have a private ad network me and a few other guys have been developing over the last year …Fingertise …it’s still a WIP but everything works / is functional, I’m not promising people anything but I am working on a market place for developers to upload apps to so they don’t need to depend on google play, then i can offer developers free installs from my app market when they use the ad network …this is all a WIP we’re still growing traffic. I’m hoping in the new year things will be at a point where I can present developers with a stable solution for uploading apps on / making money with. Again, I’m not promising anyone anything, and right now the ad network is invite only/private while we continue to develop it further until we feel its ready for the public.

My experience is pretty vast at least i think, I won’t get into it but I’ve been in mobile/IM for around 10 years now, Been there/done that on google play, Been a “top developer”, now I’m trying to help other developers get to the top without having to spend thousands/depend on google etc and stay there.