Social Jukebox [Free]

Hey guys - I just released an early version of Jukebox, which let people connect to your phone at a party and choose songs to play from either your phone or theirs. Works over any network connection. Looking for feedback and ways to improve!

Jukebox is a social music player that lets you create a live jukebox that your friends can control with their phones. Plug it into a stereo, and they can add songs from your library to the playlist, or they can add songs from their own phones. Users can connect with Wi-fi or a 3G/4G data plan.

• Click Create Jukebox.
• Enter a name, password if desired, and estimated listeners.
• Click Create; your SDCARD will be scanned for mp3s.

  • My Songs lists all mp3s on your phone.
  • Jukebox lists the playlist.
  • Library is the list of songs other people can see and add to the playlist. If you started the Jukebox, you can use this to filter songs on your phone you don’t want people to be able to choose.
    • Plug your phone into a stereo system and start playing!

• To gain jukebox control, join an existing Jukebox, and you’ll be able to see the current playlist. You can then add songs to it from the Jukebox creator’s library or from songs on your own phone.

• The music note button adds the song to the jukebox. The book button adds the song to the library. The minus sign deletes the songs from a list.