Social Battery


Ever wanted to contact your friends to tell them something important , but you couldn’t reach them because probably their mobile batteries drained ?
Or maybe you wanted to know their locations before their mobiles went off?

Well that’s exactly the purpose of this application.
Social battery gets your friends on facebook who are using this app to keep you tracked with each other when your mobiles are about to go off due to battery draining.

The app gives you control of which friends you want to report to them that you are in low battery and which friends that you want to receive their low battery reports and whether you want to generally share your location with all of them or not.

This application is meant to be social to keep people in touch and is not purposed to be a tracking application for parental control or safety or security and does not take the responsibility for this.

I like the idea :slight_smile: want to try this one hope it works perfectly.

Reviewed your app with 5 stars(its cherry). Review exchange?
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