"SMS Scheduler - Fresh"

About App

SMS Scheduler, Fresh, is the perfect app for your short-term memory problems. How many times have you been lying in bed and thought, “I have to text that guy about that thing tomorrow” only to forget. Or, “I need to send Aunt Gertrude a happy birthday text next week” and it slips your mind. Or, “Whatever you do, don’t forget to send a message out to everyone letting them know where book club is next month!” – doh!

With Fresh SMS Scheduler, you can quickly and easily schedule custom texts to your contact list while it’s fresh in your mind before you forget. It doesn’t matter if it’s an hour later, a day later, weeks, months, or years later, Fresh will remember for you so you never accidentally forget another important social event. That guy will get his text the next morning, your Aunt will think you’re the greatest nephew ever, and the book club will know where to go, even after you’ve totally forgotten that you scheduled an SMS to begin with, you forgetful person you.


  • Set it and forget it: When you realize you need to send an SMS reminder to somebody, don’t wait, do set the time, date, message, and contact for the reminder. Then, forget it, because you totally will.
  • Keep Track: Never lose track of what you’ve scheduled with an easy to navigate user interface and trackable groups.
  • Real Time SMS Scheduling: Quickly and easily schedule SMS updates up to an hour prior to events.
  • Repeat Messages: For weekly, monthly, and yearly events, craft your message and schedule it to repeat on the appropriate date, so you never have to remind yourself again.


Nice! Works ok!

It can be very useful. I can remind myself to wake up early every morning by sms