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Interested in 5 Star Review Exchange and G+1?
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g+ 5* comment( Much fun! very addictive)
heres mine, thanks

Done. ‘Super cool’ commented


I have reviewed your game and gave it a g+. Look up for Popescu Silviu

Please do the same for:

Hi there, I rated tap car 5 stars and g+1
My review:
“very cool! this a different and really fun to play one, if you like cars and flappy bird this one is for you.”
my user name: Gonzalo Diaz

my app for you to rate:

thank you :slight_smile:

Nice! Great gameplay, thankfully I drive better than this in real life!

Please check out the app in my sig, thanks.

Done install+5 rating+review : rigan purnama: awesome, great alternative to flappy bird

Mine :

Done “Super Cool”

Done “Very good”

Done “Super fun”

Done: “Nice game. Well done, good luck”

couldnt find that one in my developer panel reviews section, weird stuff. anyway!

same here, I could’nt find in my page ( ?


Im rated 5* and reviewed your game(Robert Juhasz).
My is:


Done “Perfect game”

I did, check in your dashboard is a Brazil review

Done! Rated 5 stars, g+1 and reviewed as follows:
“Lots of fun Addictive game” (by Norma Faraday)

Please do the same to my game:


Review, 5 stars, g+1

“Nice Game! I liked Flappy bird, but this game is even better because I really like everything that has to do with cars and it has better game play.”

Here my link :

Thank you and Good luck with your game! :slight_smile:

Done “Very Cool!”

Done “Very cool!”