SinceStar, your another ad revenue choice, PPD+AD REVENUE SHARE

I’m Laura from SinceStar, an amazing ad network. I come here to introduce my company’s offer. You can have a check and contrast with your current ones, and see if we have change to cooperate.

AD DISPLAY: push and smartwall out
Here are the prices

SinceStar pays for PPD and SHARE AD REVENUE at the same time.

The PPD means that mobile users install your app integrated with our sdk. It is not the app displayed in the advertisement like other ad network. So it is easy for you to count the install quantity.

high value countries: US$60/ 1000 new installs of your App
medium value countries: US$50/ 1000 new installs of your App
low value countries: US$40/ 1000 new installs of your App

SHARE AD REVENUE: The mobile users will click the ad, install a new app, or other action. Through the process, the advertiser will pay a certain of ad fare to us. You will get 70% of the ad revenue your apps produce.

As you can see, most ad network just pay for PPD. Why do we do like this? Just because we SinceStar want to expand our business in short time, and do not plan to make any profit during this period.

I believe this way is suitable for people who want to maximum profit of their apps in short term or long time. In short time, the PPD can bring the thousands of revenue. The industry updates at a rocket speed. In long time, you can always get ad revenue share. It is stable and permenant.

If you are interested in thie post or have any doubt, feel free to contact me here, E-MAIL, SKYPE or PM, I’ll reply you asap.

Finally, thank you for your reading and best regards to you

SKYPE: laura.luo69
E-mail: [email protected]
Site: SinceStar

Hello, what is your company’s affiliation with the former eomobi and the more recent hummermobi?
Are you working at a totally different network now or what?

Its a hummermobi clone but with added rev share she is ex employee of eomobi, eomobi changed to hummermobi when laura luo left, she started sincestar, this adnetwork is only for 3rd party app markets and not google play, expect about same performance as hummermobi, so far I only see ppd revenue and dont see rev share revenue yet.

It is really kind of you. Thx for your explanation.

Now, the dashboard is just showing PPD revenue. The rev share revenue is developing, but it do not affect your income. Give us more time. All of the developers trust us, and are willing to give us more time. They think that we have double their revenue in one app, and the PPD price is really so high. They believe our ad share revenue will be also amazing. Just need some time.

DroidGenie has answered for me. I have leave eomobi when it changes its name to hummermobi. Now, I am working in a totally different company sincestar.

hope we have a nice cooperation.

Good to know then. We had had a wonderful cooperation while you were in eomobi so i am sure you provide great support.
I will try sincestar in time.

Yeah I like Laura alot she is kind and brings me luck when making money, When laura left Eomobi my revenue dropped from 80-100 a day to now 30-40 a day literally overnight. With a few apps i made already I am doing a few dollars each day already. The ads are a little aggressive so the rev-share revenue I think will be more than the PPD.

hope we can have long-time friendly cooperation

i really appreciate it is a win-win situation

hope you can get thousands of earning from sincestar(SinceStar)

waiting for more of your voice

By the way, once you sign up, you can get $10 bonus

Where is the privacy, developer agreement, FAQ or something similar? I can not found anything on the website of SinceStar? It make the ad network quite untrusted for developers like us

They ARE trustworthy I have already been paid about $1200 from them in the past 30 days they pay every friday but in the USA early friday mornings so when I wake up I wake up to cash money in my paypal.

Laura Luo is very helpful and responds fast you can add her to skype, she is also very friendly.

Thank you for your information, it is just because before I decide to try any adnetwork, I need to review it carefully. At least I need to know some information like EULA, privacy,… but I can not found anything on Sincestar website.

@sean gao : Is ppd model applicable for apps on google play ? Have your adnetwork ever marked as malware or adware? let me know .

thx for your question. you can find some answer in “developer” layout. if you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. we will improve our website.

as DroidGenie said, we are trustworthy. he received the payment from us every Friday.

you just need 7 days to have try, then you also be my customers and friends.

hi, ThemeBowlApp,

if your apps are in google play store, maybe you can try SinceStar IN APP SDK, which pays for CPM, once the ad show, you get the payment, even if the user do nothing with the ad. CPM up to $3dollar

if your apps are in third market, maybe you can try SinceStar OUT APP SDK, which pays for PPD.In this model you earn every time your application is installed. PPD up to $0.06 per download.

our ad network never be marked as malware.

weekly payment, once sign up, you can get $10 bonus.

hi @sean gao
I am using since start since its beta ,
but for 2 days now the dashboard is showing zeros ,
I got to know that there is a technical issue, would you please advice if the data for the 2 days is kept else where or is it lost ?
how will you compensate me for the lost revenue ?

Me too, I have met this issue since yesterday, I contacted my supporter via skype but he has not replied yet.
Luckily I just install SinceStar for one app, don’t know whether SinceStar is a scam or not?

I did already had payment from them , but they are having a server issue , and I am worry about my revenue calculations not the payment :slight_smile:

It has been 2 days since the stats showing 0. Wondering when will they fix this issue?