SinceStar, your another ad revenue choice, PPD+AD REVENUE SHARE

I’m Laura from SinceStar, an amazing ad network. I come here to introduce my company’s offer. You can have a check and contrast with your current ones, and see if we have change to cooperate.

AD DISPLAY: push and smartwall out
Here are the prices

SinceStar pays for PPD and SHARE AD REVENUE at the same time.

The PPD means that mobile users install your app integrated with our sdk. It is not the app displayed in the advertisement like other ad network. So it is easy for you to count the install quantity.

high value countries: US$60/ 1000 new installs of your App
medium value countries: US$50/ 1000 new installs of your App
low value countries: US$40/ 1000 new installs of your App

SHARE AD REVENUE: The mobile users will click the ad, install a new app, or other action. Through the process, the advertiser will pay a certain of ad fare to us. You will get 70% of the ad revenue your apps produce.

As you can see, most ad network just pay for PPD. Why do we do like this? Just because we SinceStar want to expand our business in short time, and do not plan to make any profit during this period.

I believe this way is suitable for people who want to maximum profit of their apps in short term or long time. In short time, the PPD can bring the thousands of revenue. The industry updates at a rocket speed. In long time, you can always get ad revenue share. It is stable and permenant.

If you are interested in thie post or have any doubt, feel free to contact me here, E-MAIL, SKYPE or PM, I’ll reply you asap.

Finally, thank you for your reading and best regards to you