Signing up for the new AdMob

Hey all,

Today I wanted to sign up for the new AdMob. However this came up: “To sign up for AdMob, a valid AdSense account is required, but your application for an AdSense account is not approved. To update your application and to submit again, go directly to AdSense.”
In the past I might have tried to enable AdSense already for a website, but now I only want to sign up for the new AdMob. Does anybody have a clue how to get me signed up for AdSense and the new AdMob?

Thanks in advance!

I used different google account because of similar problem. You can then link old admob to the new account.

Thanks for your reply, I don’t know if I want to do this, because of legal issues.

What legal issues exactly? They provide instructions how to do it - you move your old admob account to new gmail account and then move to new admob. Of course make sure you don’t have adsense on your other accounts (so you don’t have two active which would be a violation I think).

Ok I understand you completely, but I have this first account for all Google products, so it seems weird to make a new account. Why can’t Google just answer my emails or calls?! I’m making money for them, so they can invest some time in me I guess.

What we are making Google is too little for them to call money. :wink: