Sick of Samsung bashing!!!

Ok, so I know you have all heard about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 “exploding” (catching on fire) for awhile now. But I still continue to see people criticize Samsung for it after the issue has been noticed and resolved by Samsung. Lets just give Samsung another shot. I am sure Samsung will have better quality control in the future and not let anything happen like this again. Now, I am still going to wait at least a month or two before buying a new Samsung phone, once they come out, just to be careful and let any issues be resolved. I never really was the type of person to buy a new device as soon as it came out, because you know there will be some thing wrong with it, even if it is just in little ways. So just give Samsung another chance, I am sure they will do better in the future! Anyone else here ready for the s8 phones? Even though it will be quite some time…

Samsung will weather the PR storm but don’t say it will “blow” over soon. They’ve had enough shit blow up LOL

Um, yeah, that didn’t go as planned. The recall and replacement recall is going to kill Samsung’s mobile mojo for YEARS. I can tell you that with absolute certainty. Not because of a bad product or an improper response to the issue, but from the negative media.