Should I Unpublish My Apps?

UPDATE: I have went ahead and unpublished all but one of my existing apps. As part of this process, I will do a little bit of rebranding for my app business, and focus on different types of apps with [presumably] no risk. I will also look at porting my future apps to iOS, now that Swift is out.

Hi there,

As I’m sure you know all, it feels like as of lately (and quite really, awhile now), apps and developer accounts are getting banned. This is quite obviously, no fun.

I have several apps for popular video games (i.e. guides, cheats apps, etc.). Although I hardly generate any monthly revenue, it still is some monthly revenue that feels like a little power as a 19 year old student. However, I’m thinking more long-term. And in the long-term, these types of apps will most likely not be my main source of Android app income, especially considering Google’s crackdown.

I’ve been stepping up my “game”, working on legitimate, original, useful apps (some tools/utilities). I truly think these will benefit Android users, and [hopefully] generate me more respectable download numbers and ultimately income. I don’t want to risk this future, as well as my entire Google Play account, over a few small apps that I have out now.

Of course, I will be sacrificing many hours of programming/development/store-preparation (i.e. screenshots and photo-editing), as well as my small monthly app income. But I honestly feel that with hard work and commitment, that I can overcome this and produce quality apps that get natural downloads. Not to mention, all that I have learned so far, will carry over with me (i.e. the development process, improving UI of apps, higher app quality, etc.).

Should I take the leap and unpublish my risky* apps?

*I.e. ‘Cheats for GTA V’-type apps, etc.

Note: I’m assuming that by having these apps unpublished, I won’t be at risk. You cannot truly delete an app from Google Play once it has been published. The most you can do is unpublish it, but it still stays in the listing (just as unpublished, unlisted, and greyed out in the Developer Console).


You should unpublish them to keep your income secure. But my advice is if you already have some apps suspended, DO NOT build/publish your higher quality utility app using the same account. Buy a new computer/VM with everything else different including analytics account, credit card, name, address, phone number etc.

Once you have that ready only should you start developing your high quality app. I have read through enough posts about accounts termination to know that there is something in Eclipse that identifies you.

Good Luck my fellow developer!

Hi. I have unpublished the risky ones. It will be awhile (a couple of weeks at the soonest) until I put out my higher quality apps. Why would I need to make a new account when I have removed any suspicious ones?

P.S. I prefer Android Studio (Intellij). Never really liked Eclipse. :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m sure the same identification is still used. Nevertheless, there’s no wrong-doing (if there was in the first place) on my account anymore. :slight_smile:

You may think you have no wrong doings but the Google Bots may not think of it that way. This is coming from my personal experience where all my apps have been in compliance since November last year. Recently one of them got suspended and I had to unpublish everything.

Better be safe than sorry, build you high quality app on another account.

Well, things with Google are changing a lot lately its getting harder to know who’s next on the Google bad side ! At first they have taken almost all types of apps to make their store a bulging with apps and applications but now as the filtering process have been started its like they have started banning account, so I would say better for you would be to remove the apps that you think is going to impact you in future because you just never know what is coming through, moving forward with un-publishing the apps over the store would be a correct option to move forward with. I have seen a number of developer complaining that their account go suspended by Google just because they have used some copyrighted word and all and if I talk about your app which has another great names as cheats for GTA V, who know thing will go bad if you make further delays. Taking them down is a good way for now !

I have went ahead and removed all but one. Not that I admit/thought that they were in violation, but with what’s happening lately, it’s not worth the risk.

I will also look at porting to iOS for my future apps, now that Swift is out. :slight_smile:

Well can you name the app which you leave it over the developer account and you are risking all of your !

It’s just an app that offers some pickup lines. :smiley:

What are those pickup lines ?? :cool: If you don’t like to share those over here then that’s okay otherwise I may also have tried something like this over my … in future :smiley:

Just some popular pickup lines.

Pickup lines.

Currently, I’m working on a productivity tool/utility. :slight_smile: Going to have a free version and a pro version (I don’t want to have to deal with in-app purchases, so no freemium version).

Okay, Okay I got that I don’t think that you want to share about it over here ! Anyway all the best for your next app I would be looking forward to test your next app out ! Just let me know about it once you make it live over the store ! :slight_smile:

Heh, sorry, not to have sounded rude. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thinking about removing it as it doesn’t go with the current theme of my app business.

Sure, I’ll let you guys know when it’s ready. :slight_smile:

If anybody have so many apps on Google Play Store and some apps of them have more downloads and generating good revenue then if we unpublish some apps which are not following google rules. Then why should we use a new google account and if we use a new google account then our good apps which are generating good revenue go to zero downloads and our revenue will be zero.

Well, you answer just doesn’t makes any sense over here ! did you read what @OP is upto or you are answering it in anyway condition ! :stuck_out_tongue:

If your are going to develop some new and high quality android applications then its one of the good sign and this shows your professionalism. But according to me Google is ruining developers efforts and hard work by suspending accounts or applications. So We must have our own online platform too from where you can earn and publish our applications easily without any kind of fear to be suspension. Thanks