Should I promote my best or my worst performing apps?

Like I’ve heard about other people with multiple apps, 80% of my revenue comes from 20% of my apps. I’ve been trying to get my under performing apps downloaded more but i’m not sure if that’s the best strategy. I’m wondering if I should put my efforts into making my good performing apps even better?

I think the best strategy is focus on creating new good quality apps instead of pushing the under performing apps. It is not worth the effort taken to revamp the under performing apps unless there are demand.

I would focus on the best ones, and continue pumping new apps out :wink:

I would advice to concentrate on your best performing apps. The apps that are performing well are likely also the most potential ones.

Just focus on the best ones.

Defiantly the good ones! The bad ones are not worth the effort

Well, yes you have heard correct about it with correct marketing strategy people are getting 80% revenue from 20% of the apps but that doesn’t mean they keep generating the revenue just because of good promotional activities they get good start at the start but after a while it starts getting lower and lower, so I would say marketing matters but what also matters is the your app quality. Good app+Good Promotion=Great Revenue, Good Promotion+Bad App= Good revenue for limited time and bad reputation among the eyes of your app users.