[Share Tool] Repost and Download for Insta

Hello everyone,

Today, I’ll introduce you all an application named Repost and Download For Insta, that help download and repost photo/video in the easiest way to share with your friends or followers.

Key Feature

  1. Repost (retweet) photos and video from Instagram’s posts
  2. Download (Save) photos and video on your phone
  3. Add the credit (watermark, copyright) into video or photo (with multiple colors you can choose) to respect the right of the Instagram.
  4. Easy to copy caption from the origin post

How to use

  1. Open Instagram video/photo post which you want to repost
  2. Click three dots icon and click “Copy Link”
  3. Return repost app and enjoy it!


  1. Instagram users who set their post to private will not show Copy Link option, so please don’t try to repost these photos.
  2. Repost and Download for Insta require Instagram app on your phone

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.uet.repostanddownloadimageinstagram

Website: http://repost-instagram.xyz

Here are some pictures