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Steps to do -

1 Go To
2 Select whatever you want to purchase
3 Click on Continue to Cart
4 Click on Have a Promo Code?
5 Enter “30word”
6 Proceed to Checkout

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Plz don’t spam the forum…

Mate do you even know what spam actually is? This is a great offer which i wanted to share IF you consider this as spam than kindly avoid it. If there is any issue i am more than happy to hear it from Mods instead of you. Thankyou.

This is spam because you are creating multiple threads. Why don’t you maintain one thread for your Goddady advertising…??

You have already created 14 topics for this -

Isn’t that spamming?

I think that is very good advertising. Actually i like to creating website by Godaddy . And i see here you propose 30% discount. it is very good for me. I will try it later. Thanks

As i told you sir, if you consider it that way than i can’t help it much and you are completely free and in your right to report. I am not killing someone it’s a massive offer and if anyone use it than he saves huge money.

Actually just in case you are going to do that please make sure you buy domain with this coupon code “99WORD” this is an epic offer from GoDaddy because you will get your .Com domain at just 99 cents and you will almost save 10-12 USD from the original price while for hosting you can use the mention promo code.

actually you can get domain from godaddy now without using that promo code…

Unfortunately I am not able to understand what you mean by that because the point is not about getting domain but it’s about in discount rate so are you saying that we can get 99 cents .Com domain without coupon? If yes than that’s totally wrong as it’s impossible as original price is 12 USD for .Com domain and you can confirm it on GoDaddy while only after using this “99WORD” you will reduce the price to 99cents.

install the honey plugin in google chrome and get the coupons auto