SendDroid not sending payments?

I hate seeing this type of thread,
but as they have stopped replying to me even after a dozen of “your payment will be sent shortly” promises,
I have to start posting on forums and see if they will react.

Some time in December 2013 my SendDroid eCPM started dropping so I changed payout option from wire to paypal (min for wire is 400, paypal 200) in plans of putting another network in their place. They (supposedly) pay every Friday, so after several Fridays had passed I’ve hit up Chandler who is my account rep to see what’s up. He was always very friendly, looked it up, apologized and said he’ll make sure this gets corrected asap… Nothing received - I contacted again next week - an apology again and “will settle this week”. Next week another friendly chat and “payment coming”…
A week after that he said he went over to the accounting and told them to add a bonus to my payment which was super nice - but I said no need for bonus as I’m leaving for now, just send what is owed.

Nothing yet.
Also - no replies from them on Skype or main support email.

Used a mix of banners and interstitials, good % of US traffic, total of about 740k impressions I think, eCPM dropped from OK to $0.06.

Are you guys getting your payments?
I hope it really is just a glitch and that they make it right, (I will post here as soon as I get the payment), the owed amount is a couple hundred, not worth the bad rep…

Bumping this up… did you guys receive payments from SendDroid this month?

Another week & another payout date passed - nothing from SendDroid.
Account manager - Chandler does not reply on Skype.
Their support does not reply on multiple contact form messages.
No reply from accounting@senddroid email either (in another thread they dropped this as a go-to for payment issues). is a ghost town.

Any ideas how to get in touch with these guys? other account managers perhaps? Post crap on their FB page?

99 percent of time I get paid on time, you need a $100 minimum for payout for weeklies to paypal.

Thanks for letting me know they’re still alive at least :slight_smile:
I got a response 2 days ago via facebook (“What seems to be the issue?”), and then - silence continued. Will update…