SendDroid New SDK, New Ad Units, New Dashboard Features & Bug Fixes.

Happy Tuesday!

SendDroid is pumped to finally release our brand new SDK. Chock full of performance enhancements, new ad units like Interstials and Offerwalls and bug fixes. It is our biggest SDK improvement to date and you should update immediately by logging in and downloading our SDK at

  1. Our Offerwall & Interstitials are seeing CTR’s of over 20% - which means eCPM’s are HUGE. Our highest earning developers are pairing those with AlertAds and Icon drops and making more money than ever before.

  2. Your Dashboard now shows you your earnings by Ad Unit. See your exact eCPMs between Push, Icons, Alert Ads, Interstitials and Offerwalls. This is an added level of transparency designed to help you make more money.

  3. More updates including some alterations in the Ads and clarity in the Opt In to match Google Policy to the fullest.

  4. All Developers that have updated their apps by the end of day this Friday March 29th to include AlertAds and an Interstitial or Offerwall will see a 20 dollars bonus added to their payment.

If you have questions, please feel free to hit me up on Skype: chandler.senddroid or email me at [email protected].

You can get the SDK by logging in at The PDF guide has all the instructions you need to install the ad units and as always, it is very lightweight and simple.

Thanks and have a great week!




I want to integrate SendDroid with Eula. I added it to my files, but i can’t see any information about Eula after Boot, like in Airpush.

It is possible to run eula after android boot?


Does senddroid have an “in-app SDK” i.e. without push notifications and without icon ads ?


which new units are included in the new SDK? Also 20% CTR? That doesn’t sound realistic imo…

but willing to check out your new SDK

Yeah, I’m a bit incredulous on that too… but I will try it.

Just before posting this reply I did some checking. The Average CTR for AdWalls and Interstitials is landing comfortably around that mark.

We welcome you to try SendDroid.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or your AM.


FYI - New Developers are eligible for Bonuses.

The Bonus ranges from $100 - $1000 depending on your volume.

It is payable soon as you reach $50 in earnings and/or have exceeded 25,000 impressions.

You can get this bonus in cash via your weekly payments OR you can use it as an Advertising Credit.

To make sure you get it or for more information, please reach out to Chandler Howell ([email protected]).

If you have questions which are not specific to YOUR account or you think they will help other developers, go ahead and ask us here too.


Sounds tempting… what is your payment schedule look like? What is the threshold required for weekly pay and do you charge a fee for it?

We pay weekly. Usually every Thursday unless there is a holiday in which case we send them a day before.

There is no fee.

The thresholds are:

$100 for PayPal
$400 for Wire/DD/Check

Hope this helps.

Thank you

:frowning: those are pretty high thresholds. So anything under is net 30?

I guess liking or disliking the thresholds depends on the amount of money your apps can make. We have not had anyone complain about the thresholds so far.

Nothing is Net 30. The first Sunday that your app reaches the threshold, you get paid the following Thursday. So if your apps take a week, then that is how long it will take.

I got a reply from Sendroid via private message that there is no “in-app SDK” at the moment.

This means that for developers just wanting to use the AppWalls (and avoid push notifications and icon ads etc.) will have to use the full SDK - thus exposing them to being called viruses etc. (if sendroid SDK starts being labelled so because of the push notifications part).