Selling Thread Bumps for $1.50

I will bump any old thread in this forum for $1.50 just send me a private message with link to a thread on the forum and I will type in “FREE BUMP”

I will send you my paypal email address in private chat for payment.

BTW. good job with bumps. Let’s mask this flame. I will not fight with anybody anymore, so it’s good to mask this trash.

It´s a shame how we ruined this forum…

its only the advertsing section thats ****ed up now rest is ok, revenue is down so all are on edge so people coming here looking for new adnetworks to try and nothing here good yet.

Rest is ok? Look at Buy/Sell section. Piracy paradise! All of these mass code and cvv sellers should be banned or even tracked. These people are reselling codecanyon/chupamobile codes without licences.
Invest $1000 to buy 100 poor codes for $10 each one and sell package for $30. After 100 sells, you have $2000+ It’s fckin thief paradise. I think that david can have some problems if chupa or codecanyon will say “stop”.

The only real problem is that @david has never taken on anyone else whatsoever as an admin or moderator etc. He is clearly pre-occupied with other things now and so he just isn’t about.

This forum took a long time to grow and no one can just make a new one and expect everything to just shift over. David needs to sell the forum or just allow some of the people he trusts to get admin positions.
If that doesn’t happen then things will continue to deteriorate here, until its just a total mess.

I asked some half year ago if he would like to sell it. The answer is “NO”. Currently he is not responding on skype and PM. He is here only to change affiliate links in panel and watch if ads are displaying correctly. I think that this pirate’s paradise can be finished soon. I don’t believe that chupa/codecanyon/unity3d owners don’t know about these practices. 100% sure that these sources owners reported it. I asked about source code list and I found 100+ sources for $90 each in package for $20. I even found my old sources from 2013.

To be honest, most of the people who f***ed up this forum are old members. I don’t know why are you doing this. It’s really a shame for all of us…

you can get them all on fiverr for $5

Jesus! This sources from chupa and codecanyon? oO


see i told you.

one gets banned by using these codes?

I don’t know. Mostly sources from chupa are reason of future ban because hundreds of people are buying it. Many of them making bad things like impact rating and everyone gets ban by hammer.

One of the big sellers here and also the one from that Fiverr link seems to think what he is doing is legal? Another person on the forum started selling source codes and he called him out for taking them from his pack. I told him that he has no right to complain about someone stealing stolen source codes from him, anyways I got some funny pm’s from him just thought it might entertain some people.

The last message I sent was saying that buying the source code off Chupa doesn’t give him the right to completely resell it. No answer.

Leave it guys, you can’t control it by posting. Its bound to happen, if not here then on fiverr/facebook etc.