Selling ASO Secrets


For $500 this is what you will get from me:

  1. 2 Keywords for your app which you can use (low competition good traffic)
  2. 5 action points for you to perform on your app listing or inside app
  3. $100 investment from my side to the ASO of your app
  4. Guaranteed 5 positions boost in app rankings for one keyword

PM me for details.

Is this the new hustle now? “ASO Secrets”?

I think if it helps the app then its a good deal.

who will pay $500 without any proof? really risky

Can’t just share sample app links. when you PM me to ask for some details then only you will get to know the value. Initial analysis of your app is free. When you are comfortable, you can order. Its that simple.

Hi, PM details with apps you have successfully worked on. Thanks

It doesn’t work like that. Initial analysis of your app is free. Once you are a customer, you can see the work done on other apps.
No offense to you but there is heavy trolling going on in this forum.

Sorry become which customer? No idea where to go to become a customer

It seems liek you are an old memeber on this forum

By using my services, you become my customer. PM me if anyone is interested.
I am doing this just not for money. You can see my earnings in appnext bonus thread. Along with the monetary benefit, I want to help some selected app developers.
Gives a little relief from regular work which I due on my apps :wink:

OK I have registered, what NEXT?