[SELL] APP Description Translator + APK Uploader

I’m offering the new version of Google Play APK Translator & Translations Uploader. The main features of this app are:

  • automatic translation from English, to ALL other Google Play languages (and you can easily remove some, if you don’t want them)
  • uploading of all translations to the Google Play console automatically and fast.
  • easy to edit – you simply edit a text file following the instructions

You may already know this Auto-Translator program, as in the previous version (from another seller) it was using Bing services for translations.
There were not many languages and in general, it sucked. This latest version is using Google Translate, without any charges for you, through hidden browser automation.
The price is $100, and I do not plan to lower it in the future. It will always be $100.

That’s not that much considering you can save a lot of time, when uploading many apps day by day, because copy-pasting translations between Google Translate and Google developer console is boring and time-consuming. And it is well known that adding many different languages in your app’s listing, even if your app does not support them in its content, will help it significantly in keyword ranking in different countries. You can expect more downloads in the future, and as a result a rise in revenue. This will make up and surpass the investment of $100 for this tool, which you can use in more than one Google Play accounts and forever!

With my tool, you don’t need to do it anymore. You can save even 1-2 hours daily, and way more than that if you publish many apps.

If you’re interested, Skype Me: pandadev52(at)hotmail.com.
Payment via PayPal only, to: pandadev(at)zoho.com. Just name it ‘APK Translator + your email address’. You will receive the software in 24 hours (typically less than 12h).

Update to version 2.1

  • new checkboxes - option to not translate title / short / long description
  • ability to mark text portion to not translate it (with special tags)
  • ability to translate texts longer then 1500-2000 characters