Seeing significant drop in requests for yday and today in admob reporting


I have been seeing a 50-70% drop in admob requests for yday and today. Is someone else also witnessing this?


No problems here. Up about 20% as usual for the weekend.

yesterday I earned $89 with admob (my greatest till now). congratulate me!!

congrats )) mine was ~14 euro max from admob ) but looks like it is growing )

Hey man, I also earned the same :slight_smile: . But I don’t use any other network and NO mediations. What I want to know is if I use mediation then how much can I earn with admob and others network ? Can u give me a tip?

Is that due to success of apps, or just better RPM? :slight_smile:

ping2sriram mentioned about drop in impressions. My impressions increased and ecpm is as usual. So maybe people used the apps more on weekend. No major increase in installs.

Congrats man. Next weekend it will hit a century!!

My nomal ecpm is 0.5$-0.7$ but in yesterday it drop down 0.3$ .

Congrats m8.
I’m starting to get worried the eCPM won’t go back up again, it’s already march and no improvements yet, at least for me.

I stopped using admob for a long time, and started just 10 days ago.

what was the eCPM before? I have - I guess - nice eCPM with interstitials (~1.2euro), but 0.13 euro with banners.

It is ok, isn’t it?

eCPM can’t really be compared, but from may 2013 til the end of the year my average eCPM was ~4.5€, so far this year it’s 2.5€
I bet you’ll double those numbers if admob goes back to normal.

For me it was always that way - eCPM drops after new year and recovers later but never to the levels it was before.

Hard to get high share revenue with admob. Suggest you can try on other ad networks.
If you feel interested Mobvista, you can Register hereor contact me for further details.:slight_smile:

for me its almost the same since 2 weeks

RPM = 0.04€
CPC = 0.01€
Clicks = 2000+
600,000 + impressions

I think i can do something to make it better …
any suggesting ?

I get 20€ daily more or less.