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Second, Localized apk in Google Play

Hi guys,
Can you please guide me through to how I can submit two apk’s in GP, one will be the English version of a game and the other the localized one for Greece.

I have been looking on it much, trying to find how it can be done, but got confused. I think there is a different build version involved for each apk and some changes in the manifest? My android coding skills are close to zero, but simple things will not be hard to work on.

Kindly expecting for an explanation as simple as possible.


You do know that you can submit one apk with both languages? Is there a specific reason you want to submit two apks?

No, I did not know that. Interesting read, I bookmarked for an experiment tomorrow. Thanks!
However, could you also help about more than one apks in GP in case I cannot make it to follow it correctly?

One apk is really the way to go. I think even if you upload two .apks to the same listing, they won’t be served to the users by language. You can go into advanced mode in the developer console under the apk section. See Multiple APK Support | Android Developers But these seperate apks get served to the user by device compatibility, not by language, so that won’t help you.

Understood. Thanks much for your help!