SDK's that add value without needing to know the ongoing state of your game

Can I get recommendations to SDK’s that you think add value to your apps but which don’t require knowing the state of your game. Generally these have a single init at the start of the app and then you don’t need to think of them again.

A normal ad network would not apply because it would require your app continually communicate and tell the SDK when its appropriate to show an advertisement. If an ad network showed ads at a fixed interval… ie, every 10 minutes one pops then it would apply but likely that would be horrid user experience.

Here are some examples of SDK’s that would apply: - That single init will give you valuable usage data about your app. You can of course go deeper and track individual events but that one time init is plenty to get useful data.

Dolby Digital Audio - Tools & Tech: Dolby Developer
Once you init the SDK and pick your audio profile you are done. Now your app can take advantage when its run on devices with Dolby Audio support. - This creates a postitial ad unit. When the user hits the home button instead of leaving to the home screen they first see an ad placement.

There are probably app messaging systems that would fit this criteria.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

The idea would be to highly automate the inclusion of beneficial easy integration SDKs so you can apply them to all your products .

Interesting idea - how about crash reporting SDKs like Crashlytics or Splunk Mint Express? They do have one-line installations.