SDK shelter – leng term monetization you can trust – Special Bonus

Hi developers,

The mobile industry is going through a lot of changes recently, and the lack of stability is keeping many away from stable amounts of revenue. This is a very good reason to remind you that at Appnext things are moving forward as well, but your revenues and the support level remain high. So, all of you contemplating on what monetization partner to choose next – Appnext is offering to join and double your revenues for more than a month and a half. We are sure it will make you feel comfortable our service. No migration, no company changes – we are here for the long run.

Bonus period: May 6th - June 30th.

Whatever revenue you make in May and June 2016 - we’ll double it (Example: if our dashboard shows that you made $700 in May - we pay you $1,400. If it show $400 in June – we pay $800).

Current Appnexters:
Whatever revenue you make MORE than you did in the previous month - we’ll add it to your revenue.

You made $300 in April, $700 in May and $1,200 in June. So:
For May we will pay you $700+$400 (which is the difference between April and May) = $1,100.
For June we will pay you $1,200+$500 (which is the difference between May and June) = $1,700.

• Only installs in May and June will be counted for this bonus (1/5/16-30/6/16).
• Bonus is relevant for all SDK monetization solutions.
• The total install numbers across all publisher’s apps and placements sources will be counted. The bonus is awarded only once per developer.
• By the end of the bonus period claim your bonus by contacting your account manager or writing to [email protected] (or me).
• The maximum bonus amount is $10,000.
• No incentivized traffic!!! We are very strict about this issue.
• The monthly results will be evaluated based on Appnext reporting data.

Let’s make money!!


Here are some stats from an account, just for you to get a feel of how this should work for you:

This data is from THIS MONTH.

Jonathan, we love you and we love appnext but those stats are not the reality of most of the people… like at mine… I would appreciate your advice to achieve those high CR and eCPM


Ummmm… He was about to change my applications to AppNext but I think I will wait for more information from current users. I’m tired of being deceived with false promises that are never fulfilled. :frowning:

Hi Jonathan! This is not true for me too. Can you tell us the GEO in this stats? Also, what kind of app is that?

First of all - thanks for the kind words :o

Of course, the example I showed here is just one example. Each implementation is different. Things that impact the eCPM - frequency of the ads, location of the ad, implementation type, the content in your app, etc.

However - if we haven’t looked at your specific implementation yet - PM me and we can have it checked. We might be able to offer some improvements.

This is the right decision, to be cautious. You should make a move only when you feel comfortable with the company you are about to work with. Just keep in mind the example I showed here is NOT a promise. It’s simply an example, that shows the potential of using Appnext.

That high CTR!
That app should have a lot of 1 star reviews

I’m seeing the similar stats to what @jonathan showed in some of my apps. Maybe not as high in US and Germany, but higher in Brazil and Mexico, and just as high in UK and Korea.

But of course, this is true to some apps. some of my apps have a lower eCPM.

The apps actually have 3.0-3.7 stars rating.

All the GEO’s appear in the screenshot I attached.
The apps are from the utility section. Nothing special, actually. Small apps that are designed to entertain or help users for a few minutes.

That kind of CTR not possible without applying grey hat like forcing user to install advertised apps in exchange of using the current app etc. There are 100+ grey hat tricks which one can apply to boost CTR/CR and hence better CPM and money.

If admob that guy would be banned by now and appnext is posting his screenshot which is cool. We can do things with other networks which we can’t do in admob.

I have similar CTR in AdMob (and FAN and AppNext too) without any tricks…
Conditions to get this kind of CTR (at least in my case):

  1. Interstitial Ad on launching the App
  2. a kind of App that is launched just 1-2 times by the user and most likely never again (so that the App have mostly new users who don’t get used to the Ad placement yet). For example a Live Wallpaper app.

Admob does stop serving ads if ad shown on app launch.

Jonathan, you need to do a better job to protect the advertisers, this ctr is not usual and should be investigated by your team to avoid defrauding and subsequently losing your advertisers. For example:

Every single one of this developer’s apps encourages on launch the user to install an appnext ad. Not only is the unfair but it is against every non-incentive ad networks t&c’s? What if one of your advertisers were to find this out? They would, as would I, require a refund of every install generated by these apps! So when you post a dev with 20+ ctr that screams out to all of us that you are not monitoring your devs apps? Is this a fair statement? Anyone else want to weigh in on this?

That is a very good issue you raised, and I want to answer it so it will be very clear:

  1. We don’t allow incent. If there is incent from the publisher to install an app, that is against our policy.
  2. See attached a screenshot from one of the apps you mentioned:

    Nothing wrong here. Since there is no actual incent that is given, this is okay and does not violate our T&C.
  3. We have quite a few ways to discover incent and fraud. The best way is to get the advertisers feedback. low or no post engagement activity means fraud, in most cases. Trust me - we are 100% focused to give our advertisers the best traffic they can get. We are always in touch with them. So, we take fraud very seriously.

So it is OK to encourage users for download? This is forbidden in admob, but if appnext allows maybe I will try it out too.

Yes, but you will need to make it very clear that there is no obligation to install the app, and that it is NOT mandatory. there is no room for mistakes here.

So the screenshot I am attaching is from his previous version that requires user to accept and routes them to the appnext ad or exit the app. Am I to assume your team asked him to correct their app?


In this case there is clearly an incentive. Either install an appnext app or you an’t use our app. However, I digress. You have been 100% transparent and I agree with your assessment of his new update.

The thing is non-admob ad network can’t scan the apk for text written the way Google can. By the time 3rd party ad network will review apps with super high ctr, some $2-3k in pocket of the publisher.

So I m not actually complaining about appnext as publisher. Easy money :slight_smile: