Mining Bitcoin - ROI 40% per month and 1 KHS for 1000 satoshi :)

Hello everybody, I am altcoin and i am working in Bitcoin business about a year and half. I was testing mining, investing, getting a loan, faucet, getting bitcoin for free and all of this ways. So i can tell that i am very experienced in this business. Today i wanna tell you about very good mining platform

It is a bitcoin cloud mining platform where you buy KHS (Kilohash) and it 24/7 mine bitcoin for you. You deposit minimum is 0,0005 BTC thats hmm… 0,01 USD xD. And then you buy KHS for 1000 satoshi = 0,00001 BTC so you have a lot of KHS. And thse KHS mine Bitcoins for you. There is a calculator in the platform so you can calculate it yourselve nad of course EVERYTHING IS FREE :slight_smile: ROI (Return of any investment) is 40% a month so your investment is back in cca 80 days and thats incredible because you don’t get this ROI hmm… NOWHERE

I recommend you to buy now because it is rising and a week ago it was for 500 satoshi so it doubled ! I am on this platform for an year and everything works perfect to me :slight_smile: Clean and fast loading design, no ads just pure mining :slight_smile: Withdraw is 0,001 BTC and be carefull because the fee is 0,001 BTC too so withdraw always from 0,01 BTC up. Good luck and buy cheaply ! :smiley:


Deposit minimum: 0,0005 BTC
Withdraw minimum: 0,001 BTC and 0,001 BTC fee !
KHS cca for free: 1000 satoshi
ROI: 40% - Full return in 80 days!! - Cloud mining

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Tutorial how to mine on

Price of KHS is heading down. Buy cheaply and profit :slight_smile: Good luck

Price heading down on 900 satoshi ! Buy :slight_smile: