School App Advertisement

I programmed an app for my school to be used by students.
I’m planning on advertising the app with leadbolt and Admob, but I’m not sure if that is allowed. The users would mostly use our schools IP Address to go online. So about 80% of the clicks would come from the same IP will this most likely get my account banned?

Basically if you use the schools icon you’ll want to request permission from the appropriate authorities at your school. And really they probably won’t care unless it becomes popular.

Although, depending on the context of your app, you might be able to get away without getting permission if it falls under fair use of copyright. Fair use can only be truly established by a judge, although a lawyers expertise would be valuable as well. Google fair use for more info.

I highly doubt it. When looking for fraudulent clicks, the advertising networks won’t just consider the IP address. They’ll also look at the (usually hashed) device ID, and whatever other information they’re collecting about the device.

I’d recommend getting in touch with your account manager at LeadBolt, once you’re signed up. They should be able to explain any potential issues here, and ensure your account won’t be banned.

You would have trouble contacting AdMob about this, because they’re owned by Google and not very communicative. But LeadBolt or any of the other smaller ad networks should be happy to help.

Don’t be scared too much - especially admob has some high level fraud detection filters - I don’t know how they exactly work but I have some ideas about it.

As long as your CTR stays natural there should be no problem at all :slight_smile:

I want to apologize for the off topic post earlier- I quickly read the post and misinterpreted the question.

But yes, what David and said is on the ball :-p

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile: I wrote my leadbolt account manager and unfortunately their advertisers won’t allow it. The advertisers can check if it comes from the same IP. Any ideas what other advertisements I could use?


If you’re using Admob for your other apps as a revenue source, it could lead to trouble. Better safe than sorry.

I’d suggest you contact other ad networks (doubt you’ll get reply from admob though) and see if it is fine with any one.

One other idea is you could use to advertise your own apps instead?

Good luck!


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