Say Fukoff to traditional Adnetworks - Make bank using this Solution

I am not affiliated with adlibmediation, I just use them to mediate ad offers from direct deals. I slaved for Airpush since 2012 and pushed 1000’s of apps with them and made over $500,000 lifetime with them only to get fuked in the @ss, See my first post showing Airpush fuking us devs in the @ss.

All Adnetworks are Fuking Scammers

You want real cash signup for direct offers and mediate those offers with house ads through a mediation site, target each offer to the specific countries, then backfill with favorite adnetwork.

Some example offers you can get are

$4.00 USA for a fuking Survey that takes no less than 2 minutes for the user to complete. Adscendmedia has nice offers, Mobpartner has some nice ones and sometimes Clicksmob will have nice offers too.

Signup through to setup these direct deal ads and make fuking bank, and say fuk you to your account manager at traditional adnetworks. Traditional adnetworks get these same deals, apply them to thier SDK and MAKE YOU DO ALL THE FUKING WORK pay you like 20% of the offers and they take like 80% and give you the DEVELOPER shitty .20-.85 cent eCPM rates.

So say Fuk you to traditional adnetworks and go make some real bank. Setup your mediation ads properly and you can rank in like $35 eCPM rates.

Stop being slaves to these adnetworks and make the money yourself. YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN ADNETWORK through

This guy has only six posts. Anyone more tried it? Does it works?